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Recording Studio Hoofddorp

Want to record your song, EP or album?

Your passion for music is evident. However, the reality is that this passion generally does not translate into an extraordinarily large budget to continue your musical career. Every venue wants to hear a few good demos before they book you. And what's cooler than having your own music on Spotify?

That's why Rockwave Records focuses on spending your budget as efficiently as possible. Because just as you have a passion for music, so do we. After all, it would be a shame if your music couldn't be streamed!

At Rockwave, we have the vision that as much as possible should be recorded electrically. Take the drums, for example: in most genres, you can get by fine with an electronic drum kit, which then makes recording, editing, and mixing afterwards much simpler (and therefore cheaper). And with modern drum samples, the difference is often indiscernible.

We can take care of the entire process, from recording to mastering. You have to do just one thing: play your best performance.

Mixing and Mastering

Suppose you have already done your recordings yourself. Then it's nice if an external person with fresh ears listens to how the recordings should be mixed. Good mixing is an art: all the instruments and vocals need to come together to form a wall of sound blasting out of the speakers. And that without the track sounding unbalanced, containing annoying frequencies, or sounding "muffled".

The hybrid variant also occurs: you have recorded part of your music, but for example, you always get an annoying hum when recording the guitar, or you can't quite get your vocals right. In all these cases, Rockwave can be the solution!

All in all, no matter what your musical project looks like, Rockwave can be of service to you!

Professionele mixing en mastering engineer

Mixing en mastering - Opnamestudio Hoofddorp