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The recordings are done. Everything is all set. Now, the track needs to be mixed. The goal of the mix is to balance all the instruments. The most important thing is that mixing takes place on studio monitors. The advantage is that they have a very flat response, which allows you to detect annoying frequencies and hear "mistakes" in the mix very well. A good mix already resembles a commercial track: everything is balanced and sounds roughly the same on all setups. Mixes are usually delivered at a sound level of -6dB, to leave enough room for the mastering engineer to add their final touch.

Do you have a Logic or GarageBand project and want it to be professionally mixed? That’s certainly possible! You can send the complete project to us, and we'll get to work on it.


During mastering, the complete track is scrutinized one last time. If something was overlooked during mixing, a small correction can still be made during mastering. What happens in mastering is that the track's sound level is boosted to around -1dB and often made to sound "louder". An unmastered track peaking at -1dB often sounds much quieter than a mastered track with a peak of -1dB. Once the master is finished, you have a track that is commercially complete.

Professional mixing engineer Hoofddorp

Professional mastering engineer Hoofddorp