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Our go-to microphone for vocal recordings is the Shure SM7B. This is the well-known "thick" condenser microphone often seen at radio stations and now in podcasts. This microphone is fed to the mixing console with a preamplifier (the Triton Audio FetHead) and is then sent through a DAC to Logic Pro X. Post-processing is then done in Logic.

With this setup, very clean recordings can be made, resulting in a tight vocal mix.

Guitar / Bass

With guitar and bass guitar, there are three paths to take:

  1. DI (Direct Input, i.e., directly into the mixing console)
  2. Amp mic (i.e., recording the amplifier)
  3. Digital via the amplifier (for example, with a BOSS Katana)

In practice, DI and Amp micing are most common and also provide the best results. The advantage of Direct Input is that more is possible with regards to effects and often provides a better sound than recording the amplifier. But, if you have a very specific sound and really want this exact sound on the record, we'll put a microphone in front of the amplifier.


There are also several options for recording drums:

  1. Electronic drum kit
  2. Acoustic drum kit

We have an electronic drum kit, which is an Alesis Nitro Max with a Tama Iron Cobra 200 double bass pedal, double crash cymbals (and of course, a ride). It is also equipped with a double floor tom, so you won't be short in that area.

Unfortunately, recording acoustic drums is not possible at our location. What we can do, however, is record at your home or rent a practice space where we can track the drums.

For pop/rock/metal, recording with an electronic drum kit is usually the best option. For blues, jazz, or funk, an acoustic drum kit might be better. Often it's a matter of trying and seeing what works! It can save significantly in costs if you can record digitally!


The advantage of most keyboards is that they have a MIDI output (or a USB output). This makes recording keys particularly quick and easy. We can also decide later which sound we want to use for the final mix. If the keyboard does not have a USB or MIDI output, you can use our keyboard for recording.

Other Instruments

For all other instruments, it's best to contact us directly. Much is possible and if it's not (yet) possible, we can probably arrange something!

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